One+Love Interview with Dr. Herukhuti on Sexual Imperialism

One+Love Interview with Dr. Herukhuti on Sexual Imperialism

Dr. Herukhuti On Sexual Imperialism, Homonormativity, & Bi-Erasure

Interviewed by Almah LaVon Rice for June 2014

An excerpt:

“Both the U.S. religious right and the mainstream LGBT movement tend to ignore the indigenous forms of sexual and gender diversity that have existed in Africa for millennia. The religious right’s efforts depend upon the colonial roots that Christian missionaries planted in Africa centuries earlier. The mainstream LGBT movement’s efforts depend upon the neoliberal capitalist roots planted by multinational corporations and NGO missionaries decades earlier.

So we now have zealot African Christian converts leading the intolerance and violence against other Africans, using the language of indigeneity and authenticity but based upon their indoctrination into Western forms of Christianity. And Africans in urban settings who may be invested in Westernization and looking for models of queerness outside of traditional forms because of the ways Western forms of queerness are promoted in Western-controlled popular media. In both cases, you have people of European descent telling African people what is and is not good for them.”

To read the entire interview, click here.

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