The Magic Wand Is Wicked in the Bed

The Magic Wand Is Wicked in the Bed

Magic WandThe name on the box, Magic Wand, intrigues me. Seeing the packaging makes me as giddy as a kid waking up on a snowy Xmas morning. I’m wet with anticipation as I open my gift from to see the wand emerge. It is magical! Already I can tell they got the right name for this one. A magic wand. One of the good things about getting this gift is that I’m not a kid anymore; I’m a grown ass bitch. So I can really enjoy all that this toy has to offer.

Model options include a plug-in version and the cordless one I got to play with for this review. The magic wand has gone modern and is cordless. Yippie! You can now masturbate all around the house where formerly you’d have to be stuck to your bed or your couch.

I turn it on and I’m excited. It’s seems to be vibrating at such a high-speed. I take a breath. Let me test it out. It feels so amazing. I feel so amazing. As I sport my ear-to-ear grin and wonder if this thing will actually make me squirt, I embrace the moment. Waves of pleasure traveling through my clit to my back, toes, and head.

I rejoice in the fact that the Magic Wand has come into my life at the very moment when my lover decided he would love me no more. But fuck him, I got the wand! I take a breath. This shit is intense.

But wait, I look at the intensity control. I’m on the lowest speed? I click to high. Holy moly who is putting that raging machine against their genitals! I click to a lower speed and wonder why anyone would want to use the high a speed on their pussy. Maybe they have meaty lips or are using one of the attachments you can buy for getting at different pleasure spots.

The Magic Wand I’m using has eight speeds and two different settings. Setting two twists as it vibrates and I’m thinking this must be some epic freaky shit. I think my pussy would surely swell up and fall apart if I dare embark on this. I like a challenge so I try it. Whoa. I go back to setting one. It’s so powerful. Some women may find that they need to place a barrier, like a warm towel, between their body and the massager to maintain a soothing experience through the intense vibration. The first settings takes you on a roller coaster. It feels like your pussy is about to explode in four clicks. Pressing the last button, I felt a series of varying vibrations that had my clit doing the moonwalk and then the Harlem Shake.This is an amazing piece of equipment that should be a staple in all our toy chests.

Even on this setting with this protection it’s still one hell of a force. But with some major focus and humping I’ve climaxed. I leave my Magic Wand on my bed. It’s all the man I’ll ever need until a man comes along and I get him to use it with me.

To get your Magic Wand go to the retailer, or these websites in your country:

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