The Necessary Rise of The Feminine: A Letter to My Sisters

The Necessary Rise of The Feminine: A Letter to My Sisters


Brig FeltusBy Brig Feltus

I am a whole woman. I am not just the parts that someone told me were acceptable. I am capable of thinking beyond that. I am capable of being far beyond that.

There is a part of me that the status quo denies. And I can remember the moment She emerged in me. I’d been observing a very powerful practice that cultivated Her energy, observing that practice for week. I was in a grocery store, about to check out. The cashier was in a really shitty mood. Gave me major attitude. Eyes rolling, scowl on her face.

Normally, this would have been enough to shift me into shut down and disconnect mode. But I was in a fully orgasmic state of mind, filled with the power of the Divine Feminine. She does not observe disconnect as a possibility and is not threatened by petty behavior. In that state, everything I touch turns to gold.

Can you truly disconnect from a person while simultaneously holding them in contempt or resentment? You cannot simultaneously disconnect and hold a thing in any way whatsoever.

Anyway, in that moment, I imagined my entire core opening up such that she could see inside of me. I tapped into that Divine Feminine energy, the part of me that used to be kept small and tucked away like precious, forbidden, untouchable, un-potentiated treasure. I felt the sensation a sunburst in my chest.

I felt my labia begin to tingle and swell, as if in anticipation of a lover. Felt a flutter in my belly, as if a small new life was forming in my womb. My face flushed in the same way that it does when I anticipate a lover.

I smiled and said, “Hello. You have beautiful eyes.”

Behind the words I spoke, pure, unconditional love vibrated. I just let it pour out all over her, like a sloppy wet kiss. She could feel all of that running in the background of my words. She took a deep breath in, then exhaled and looked into my eyes with gratitude. From that moment, her presence was transformed—bright, friendly, and cheerful. She even told a joke or two before saying goodbye.

This little miracle didn’t cost me a thing to perform. But I could not have done it ten years ago—not from behind the walls of the prison of patriarchy that shames a woman who embraces her sex as more than just a resource for men to suck up, manipulate and caricature. But now, I am a whole woman.

Women, our natural gifts and attributes are not only necessary, they are sacred.

We have been called servant, whore, helpmate, bed warmer, breeder, bitch, thirsty, witch, slave, subordinate, weak, fair, jezebel, harpy, fragile, dependent, and gold-digger. We have been accused of being too masculine, too sexual, not sexual enough, inappropriately moody, sensitive, bossy, impossible to understand, and passive. We’ve been called frigid, slutty, desperate, standoffish, tempting, salacious, dangerous, helpless, emotional, and nosey. Our bodies have been treated as source of entertainment, ego conquest, and progeny incubation. It has been called the gateway to hell, the origin of sin, and the downfall of man. It has been exploited to sell everything from shitty music to pharmaceuticals.

But that’s all a huge illusion. There is no time to be stuck in the song of lamentation over what has been our victim story.

The Feminine is the most exploited thing in this modern world. The thing all of us either desire to possess or desire to mimic. These desires are all about sexuality and the emergent energy of our gender. But the illusions are falling away.

You are made of stars. It is the Feminine that springs life forth from the dark, rich, rotting soil. This world is ours to heal.  Men—caught up in toxic masculinity—are spiritually and emotionally impoverished and suffering. They are ours to bless with the possibility of transformation and transcendence. They will transcend because they seek us—mind, body, and spirit. As the Divine Feminine arises in transcendence now, transcendence is where we shall be found.

Challenge Yourself, release Yourself and every other Woman from patriarchal morals and judgments. Let Yourself begin to fall in love with Your wholeness.

This isn’t a discussion that requires permission or agreement of the Masculine. The Masculine knows that its very survival requires submission to this nature. If there is any such thing as sin, the denial of the Feminine is perhaps the one single most powerful downfall of Mankind. Rape, homo/bi/transphobias, xenophobia, and just about every other ill that is unique to mankind, all stem from here.

I am so in love with Her. She plugs into people for fun, just to watch them light up with gratitude. She is useful far beyond Her sex. But understand, She is no less of a Goddess in sex. She is undeniable. She converts the atheist. She heals the broken hearted. She illuminates greatness. She magnifies the genius in every lover.

Her beauty is formless, yet tangible and profound. As Her love springs from a limitless source, She is never empty. She is a channel for the birth of all exalted things. Her love is as sharp as a sword and as gentle as a feather. She brings me great joy to observe, whether She is giving love to a stranger, giving love to a child, or giving love to a lover.

She is my inner Mother. She is my inner Medicine Woman. She is my inner Siren. She is my inner Whore. And I am a whole woman.

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