5 thoughts on “Analysis on the Eros Guide Raid

  1. Just a heads up- banks are closing accounts that were used to pay for Eros Ads. I read about it on another site but then it happened to me! Capital One who I’ve been with for 6 years, have excellent credit with closed my account! The reason I got from them is because I was using my card for purchases that don’t pertain to family, something and something else reason. And something about their values. Ive always used this card and a few others for ads. The last I used the card for Eros was on Jan. 15th and Capital One closed my account on the 23rd with no warning. Now I’m worried about my other cards getting cancelled….or worse. Swiss servers that they boast about now when you login to ads (since the raid) isn’t keeping advertisers safe from getting their bank and credit card accounts closed.

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