Entering a new love or sexual relationship or needing to make changes in an existing relationship? Are you unsatisfied? In love? Sex? Both? Or just feel that you could be having a richer experience? Preparing to cohabit or get married? Sex/Relationship coaching assists people in a variety of relationship statuses (e.g., single and looking, couples, triads, monogamous, polyamorous, etc.) in achieving desired goals using communication techniques, facilitation, feedback, and compassion. For more information, click here:


Embodied is an experiential study group that meets weekly to explore what it means to be integrated, whole, and fully present as beings. We use tai chi chuan, qi gong, hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation to gain a better understanding our bodies, minds, spirits, and their connections.


Experience art and cultural products that inspire, educate, and arouse. In partnership with other creatives, cultural workers, and artists, we create art and cultural work that engages the mind, body, and spirit. Our focus is in artistic work that explores the intersections of sex/intimacy/pleasure and Spirit/sacredness/ritual. Projects have included: Waterborne Rebel, a visual art exhibition by Charly J. Dominguez and My Brother’s a Keeper, a play by our founder, Dr. Herukhuti.


Intimacy, Sensuality and the Erotic: An Experiential Journey

Explore you physical and sexual Self through play using theatre games, exercises and activities. Learn how to use play to get better acquainted with yourself, friends and lovers. Examine the ways you define and perform intimacy and the impact these definitions have on your relationships. Come prepared to move around, talk honestly and engage others.

African Relationship Cosmology

Learn how to use Khemetic (Ancient Egyptian) and Dagara elemental wisdom to interpret, analyze and transform the relationships in your life. By critically, ethically and responsibility accessing the wisdom traditions of Indigenous people, we can create greater harmony and intimacy in our lives.


Our Bodies, Our Wisdom

Work through a persistent internal or external challenge in a collaborative learning community using the Body as a source of knowing, understanding and wisdom. Engage in Sensual Yoga, Theatre of the Oppressed and African ritual to uncover the root causes of your challenge and envision a path forward. Draw upon the collective power of a temporary, intentional community.


Receive training in:

  • Artistic and Creative Approaches to Sexual Healing;
  • Cooking and Eating for Love;
  • Integrating Spirituality and Sexuality or;
  • Sex Magic.


In a neo-traditional Pan-African spiritual framework, we provide oracle readings, bedroom and playroom cleanings/blessings, ceremonial officiating (e.g, joinings/weddings, BDSM/Kink collaring, poly family joinings, etc.) and ritual facilitation (e.g, rituals with new lovers, rituals to say goodbye to old lovers, healing rituals, menstrual rituals, community rituals, etc.).


The Network is open to people of color (e.g., people of African, Asian, and/or Indigenous descent) who are:

  • Religious or spiritual leaders, scholars, educators, counselors, mentors, artists or activists whose work is sex-positive
  • Sex educators, counselors, surrogates, therapists, workers, researchers or activists who incorporate the Sacred in their work
  • Yoga teachers, bodyworkers, energy workers or movement teachers whose work is sex-positive and who incorporate the Sacred in their work
  • Other practitioners in the field of sacred sexuality who do not fit into the previous categories


Institutions and groups struggle with creating decoloniality, equity, inclusivity, and belonging (DEIB) because they do not address root causes (i.e., the role of settler-colonialism, imperialism, white supremacy, capitalist, and cisheteropatriarchy in how they are organized and operate) rather than symptoms. That’s why over 40 years of DEIB consulting by internal and external DEIB professionals has had little to no impact on organizational culture, policies, and practices in any industry.

We support our clients by addressing root causes of their DEIB challenges using indigenous wisdom traditions from Africa and its Diaspora, arts-based methods, organization development methodologies, and decolonizing/indigenizing practices. Our approach is relational and invests in long-term commitments with our clients to transform and not merely reform them.


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