Decolonial Sexual Attitude Reassessment/Restructuring/Reparation (D-SAR)™

This group process helps people become more conscious of the impact of various forms of oppression on their sex lives, relationships, sexual attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, and relationship to sex, sexuality, relationality, sensuality, and the Erotic. Through this process, people:

  1. Become more aware of the roots and fruits of their sexual values;
  2. Learn how to exercise agency and empowerment in their lives and relationships;
  3. Develop a personal stake in dismantling oppressive structures (e.g., settler-colonialism, imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism, cisheteropatriarchy, ableism, etc.)
  4. Develop a personal stake in building of a world of justice, equity, plurality, ecology, and peace; and
  5. Become better prepared to engage in collective action for decolonization, reparations, and transformative change.

The D-SAR was co-created by Drs. H. “Herukhuti” Sharif Williams and Zelaika Hepworth Clarke and first offered to students in the undergraduate sexuality studies concentration they co-founded at Goddard College. D-SARs include a 16-hour experiential group experience that can occur on site or virtually plus personal homework. Sexual contact and nudity are not a part of the experience. D-SARs are offered as registration-based events and private events for organizations and community groups of eight or more people. People of all backgrounds can benefit from participating in a D-SAR. Topics of the D-SAR include: African, Indigenous, and Asian approaches to sex and gender, neurodecolonization, cultural appropriation, erotic sovereignty, intergenerational trauma, mindfulness, family history, and socialization.

Decolonial Sex and Relationship Coaching

Coaching is a facilitated process for you and your partner(s) to pursue and achieve shared goals for your life and relationship. The process relies you to be authentic in your communication, tap into your inner wisdom for the answers to emergent questions, determine success based upon your values, and make consensual decisions about your life and relationship.

Decolonial coaching is a specific form of sex and relationship coaching designed for individuals or groups of people in relationships (e.g., couples, triads, poly-families, etc.) whose sex and/or relationship goals are specifically related to:

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