NO HOMO | NO HETERO: Fostering Unity and Anti-Biphobia Campaign

No Homo | No Hetero is a group of Black artists-activists committed to Black communities. European colonization of Africa, enslavement of Black people, and the ongoing system of white supremacy have caused a number of traumas within our communities including the embrace of dehumanizing, limiting values and myths about manhood and masculinity as well as fears and hostilities toward sexual diversity. Although there has been progress toward the embrace of Black gay men and lesbian women, people are still very suspicious of Black men on the bi+ spectrum (i.e., bisexual, pansexual, sexually fluid, and/or non-monosexual queer). Myths about Black bi+ men prevail: they are really self-hating gay men; they can’t be monogamous; they never tell their partners that they are bi+; they are responsible for Black women contracting HIV; etc. Because the organizers are Black men on the bi+ spectrum, they know firsthand the harm these stereotypes have on mental health, family, community, and wellbeing.

The campaign includes a documentary film, theatre productions, a monthly gathering called the Black Lotus Project, and a social marketing project using visual art. We have created this project with Bi Us Entertainment and FluidBiDesign to use the arts to build conversations within Black communities that foster greater unity and eliminate biphobia and hostility toward male sexual fluidity. Join us in the conversation.

Follow the film on TwitterFacebookTumblr, and Instagram. The film is currently in post-production. To get more information and/or receive updates about our progress, please visit or complete the form below:




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