Dr. Herukhuti’s 2017 Appearances (updated regularly)

May 1, Start Date

Program Objectives

  • Achieve your personal intimacy, sensuality, and/or sexuality goals
  • Develop your interpersonal communication skills regarding love, intimacy, and pleasure
  • Develop greater self-confidence in your needs, abilities, and interests as a lover and partner
  • Learn methods of sensual awareness and sexual empowerment
  • Expand your erotic consciousness

For more information, click here.

Monthly (New York City Area)


First Sunday of every month, members of the HUG Society gather to exchange non-sexual hugs and cuddling as a community health and wellness practice. Registration and screening are required for membership. Members pay monthly dues.

Weekly (New York City Area)


An experiential body-mind science study group with a focus on tai chi chuan, qi gong, hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation

Sundays 10am-noon

For More Info.


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