Join a movement for sexual freedom. We need your support for this  much needed project. We are seeking funding to create and launch a new website for news, information and e-learning related to culture, sexuality and spirituality. You can support this work financially through PayPal by clicking this link.

We need your support to develop as a news, information and e-learning website that provides users opportunities to stay informed about and discuss current issues related to sex, sexuality, spirituality/religion, and culture; read thoughtful, provocative and sex-positive commentary by sex experts, opinion leaders, public intellectuals, and professionals; take dynamic courses in sexuality, spirituality/religion, and cultural interests lead by experts on the cutting edge of their fields; and purchase consumer products and services that support their sexual and spiritual development.

The funds raised will be spent to develop, launch, and promote the expansion of this website. All around the world the need for sex-positive, thoughtful and informed conversations about sexuality, the Sacred, and culture are becoming increasingly important. People are seeking answers to complex questions that are arising from the changing nature of our private and public lives. They need spaces where they can get access to reliable information; cultivate skills and knowledge that affords them a deeper relationship with their erotic, sensual and sexual lives; and converse with people of shared interests across the globe. will be that space.


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