Dr Herukhuti

H. “Herukhuti” Sharif Williams, Ph.D. M.Ed. is the Founder and Chief Erotics Officer (CEO) of the Center for Culture, Sexuality and Spirituality (CCSS) and editor-in-chief of sacredsexualities.org, the Center’s webjournal. He holds degrees in psychology, political science, a graduate degree in curriculum and instruction and a doctorate in human and organizational systems. He’s the former chair of the Brotherhood of African Men, National Youth Network and the Goddard College Faculty Council and former co-chair of the board of directors of Global Youth Connect. An activist since the age of 14, Dr. Herukhuti’s work has been featured in the media such as in Parade Magazine and on Huffington Post Live. He was ordained a priest in the Kemetic tradition through the Temple of the White and Gold Lotus, Shrine of Amen Ra. He is currently high priest and keeper of the Shrine of Sekhmet and Heruhet  As CEO of CCSS, he contributes to vision, strategy, and development of projects, products and collaborations.

Past Fellows

JordanJordan Rogers was an inaugural Creative Praxis Fellow of the Center for Culture, Sexuality and Spirituality (CCSS).  As a fellow, Jordan served as production assistant for the play My Brother’s a Keeper and provided administrative and logistical support on the project. He is an aspiring multimedia storyteller based in Harlem. Jordan graduated from Yale University in 2012 with degrees in African American Studies and French Literature. His senior essays examined the lives and work of James Baldwin, Claude McKay, Ousmane Sembène: black artists who spent parts of their lives in southern France, a province of the African Diaspora. Jordan went on to spearhead an effort to document and reclaim the final home of James Baldwin in St. Paul de Vence, France. After graduation, he worked on President Barack Obama reelection campaign in Norfolk, Virginia, before contributing to other political initiatives in Los Angeles, Houston, and Jackson, Mississippi. Currently, Jordan is working on his first short documentary and producing an English translation of My Lean Muscle Mass, a monologue written by Italian playwright Tobia Rossi.

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