Sacred sexuality is an emerging field of intersection between embodiment studies, spirituality/religious studies and theology, and sex studies. Practitioners in the fields of theology, religion and spirituality have been recently undergoing a radical inclusiveness of sex positivity and embrace of sexual and gender diversities. Sex professionals have been incorporating an understanding of the sacredness of sexuality into their practice. Workshops, retreats, and training programs have emerged to advance the field of sacred sexuality that primarily cater to middle class, people of European descent. Many practitioners of color experience these spaces as lacking in cultural competence or understanding of the role of whiteness in undermining the full advancement of the field–a field dominated by people of European descent.

While many people in the field are using indigenous knowledge of people of the Global South, the politics of cultural appropriation, colonialism/imperialism or whiteness are not standard forms of ethical analysis or training in the field. The aims of sacred sexuality–empowerment, intimacy, embodiment, and mindfulness–necessitate a vibrant community of practitioners of color who can draw upon the wisdom of their cultural communities; challenge the ways in which white supremacy operates within the field; and create models of sacred sexuality education and practice that promote social justice and ecological wellness.

The Network is an important resource for sacred sexuality practitioners of color who want to connect with their colleagues. We provide a forum for:

  • Sharing information
  • Requesting collegial assistance or advice
  • Seeking collaborators
  • Posting opportunities
  • Acknowledging accomplishments
  • Organizing community
  • Building knowledge

The Network is open to people of color (e.g., people of African, Asian, and/or Indigenous descent) who are:

  • Religious or spiritual leaders, scholars, educators, counselors, mentors, artists or activists whose work is sex-positive
  • Sex educators, counselors, surrogates, therapists, workers, researchers or activists who incorporate the Sacred in their work
  • Yoga teachers, bodyworkers, energy workers or movement teachers whose work is sex-positive and who incorporate the Sacred in their work
  • Other practitioners in the field of sacred sexuality who do not fit into the previous categories

The Network is committed to challenging imperialism, white supremacy, capitalist exploitation, patriarchy, heterosexism, monosexism, religious hegemony, and other forms of oppression. It is a space for practitioners of all spiritual and religious traditions, people of all sexual identities including ones that are without labels or who are asexual.

To join the Network or contact members of the Network, complete the form below:


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