Bisexual Erasure in LGBT Community

Bisexual Erasure in LGBT Community

Bi Erasure Is Psychic Murder: The Quest for Bi Culture by Dr. Herukhuti

in April 2014

Recent coverage in the New York Times, Slate, Autostraddle, and Huffington Post have raised the profile of bisexuality in the minds of the mainstream, or at least the minds of people who go online to find all the news they can use. All this conversation about whether bisexuals exist, what they do when they see pornography, and how they contribute to society can make a living, breathing bisexual — particularly those of us not represented in these conversations — wonder at the timing of and motivations for all this newfound attention.

For some of us, bisexuality means a reaching beyond the belief in a fixed sexuality with which one is born — the existence of which can be found in one’s DNA or brain — to sexualities that human beings produce, create, and perform in society. We regard sexual agency with the same legitimacy and validity that heterosexism and homonormativity have bestowed upon the born-this-way science and politics of sexual identity essentialism. And we also claim the right to live outside and between the boxes, categories, and borders created by identity politics because as Gloria Anzaldua, Xicana queer theorist, said, “only your labels split me.


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