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The Loss of Empathy: When We Can No Longer Mourn Our Dead, We Become Dust

by Dr. Herukhuti We don’t love each other, not because we don’t have the capacity. But because our trauma has so disrupted our natural instinct

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Kevin Hart and the Racial Politics of LGBTQ Call Outs

By Dr. Herukhuti Kevin Hart is a Black comedian whose career began in the Black community. In the early 2000s, clubs like Philly’s Laff House

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Sustainability for Creatives: The Importance of Self-Care for Artists

By Dr. Herukhuti I’ve been reading Reiland Baraka’s introduction to Resistance and Decolonization by Amilcar Cabral. The text has been providing me with an opportunity

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Dr. Herukhuti’s 2018 New York City Pride Rally Speech (Full Text)

On Friday, June 22, 2018, Dr. H. “Herukhuti” Sharif Williams, founder and chief erotics officer of the Center for Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality, delivered the

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