The Kiss

The Kiss

ever take a moment

to appreciate the beauty

the awe-inspiring beauty

of a kiss?


the casual or quickie kiss

given to someone

on the fly or when there’s nothing more to say.

the kiss that says more, does more

than words could ever convey


when desire wrests itself free

moves from the heart cavity

lips part to release

breath previously trapped by possibility

whispers lust’s secret into the space

between lovers

and need builds a bridge that curiosity

planned a long time ago.


what is it that draws the tongue

into the open mouth of another?

calls it to take up residence

its new home plays host

pampering and providing

all that could be imagined

and more.


the kiss

open-mouthed, tongues intertwined

full lipped and deeply meaningful

is such a beautiful contraption.

whether observing or participating

there is no escape from the

transfixing nature of a good kiss.


hollow forms a retreat

for the tongue desperate with longing

desire swims in saliva

thrashes against flesh

moist and cool

while heat rises from lusty loins

and breath pauses to collect itself

in a chest overcome by the pounded

rhythm of heart.


it is amazing how much

of oneself can be pushed

into another

through a mouth

yearning to be made available.

the kiss reminds us that

love, lust, and desire

are consuming

and must be digested properly.

no need for knives and forks

when thick lips and supple tongues

work around and over each other.


did you learn to kiss

like you learned to pray

eyes closed, yearning to be filled

bathed in spirit washing over

your tensed body?

fellowship in the ecstasy

making sacred profane

and profane so damn

sacred that tears flow

down cheeks while mouths

move in unison

salty elixir mixing with

the mouth’s nectar.


taste the ingredients

of  a well lived life.

project your tongue further;

intrude upon the moment

that mouth was birthed

and every moment since

until destinies merge

into the very moment

of this kiss

breath extending

passion filled

honest, wholly honest



© Herukhuti 2009

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