How it Feels to Not Be Free

Onward Ox

There is something happening, post-release of the assault on Sandra Bland, something profound and disturbing and a great reminder that as much as we chanted “I am Sean Bell” or “I am Trayvon Martin” or “I am Eric Garner”, what we needed to say was “I could be John Crawford III” or “I could be Michael Brown” or “I could be Victor White III”.

What is happening across social media is the reality that many of us have been Sandra Bland.

This morning I decided to exercise outside. I hadn’t exercised outside in weeks in this town. The last time I did so, two young men tried to compliment me by shouting “Work it OUT!”. It hit my body like street harassment. The last time I’d exercised outside in this town, a male stranger walked with me for two miles chatting. It seemed pleasant enough until we arrived at what…

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