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7 Reasons Not to Call Someone A Hotep

By Dr. Herukhuti Recently, I’ve noticed an uptick in progressive Black folks and others using the Kemetic word “hotep” to label and critique other Black

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The Reasons Religious Conservatives Hate Social Change

By Dr. Herukhuti Religious conservatism plays an interesting role in how societies expand social inclusion, equity, and justice. Religious conservatives determine what emergent norms and

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The Necessary Rise of The Feminine: A Letter to My Sisters

I am so in Love with her. She plugs into people for fun, just to watch them light up with gratitude. She is useful far beyond Her sex, but understand, She is no less of a Goddess in sex. She is undeniable. She converts the atheist.

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Decolonizing Environmentalism: Fossil Fuels, Slavery, and White Supremacy

By Dr. Herukhuti When I hear the word “fossil,” I think of elementary school trips to the American Museum of Natural History. Seeing displays of dinosaur bones

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