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Black Men Talk about Bisexuality and Race (VIDEO)

On Saturday, June 24th 2017, the Center for Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality, BiUS Entertainment, and FluidBiDesign hosted a panel discussion entitled, “No Homo, No Hetero:

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Believing Is Seeing: Moonlight, Asexuality, and Bisexuality

by Dr. Herukhuti Editorial Note: The phrase “gaywashing the film,” which the author used in an earlier draft of this article has been changed. After considering

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Taking the Pulse after LGBT Pride: An Interview with 2015 Bisexual Grand Marshal J Christopher Neal

By Dr. Herukhuti J. Christopher Neal is an artist, educator, youth leadership professional, and community organizer. He’s the founder of FluidBiDesign, a New York-based organization

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Freedom at the Intersections: Between Black History and Bisexual Health Awareness Months

A version of the following article was originally posted on the Expert Opinion section of the Association for Black Sexologists and Clinicians website. By Dr. Herukhuti

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Nelson Mandela and His Contribution to LGBT History

Mandela: Why He Matters in LGBTQ History by Dr. Herukhuti in December 2013 I was having a Skype conversation with someone and talking about

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Frank Ocean’s Love Letter and the Public Response

Ocean’s of Love Letter: Is one black man loving another man the revolutionary act of the 21st Century?by Dr. Herukhuti in July 2012 “In

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