EMBODIED: A Body-Mind Science Experiential Study Group

1. the quality of being integrated in our body, mind, and spirit
2. a characteristic of wholeness
3. being able to feel our feelings, know our desires, experience our circumstances, and express ourselves


The grind of work, career, and the struggle to keep our head above the harsh waters of capitalism has many of us run down and feeling split into pieces. The head is in one place, The heart in another. We’re torn apart. The everyday grind requires us to choke down our feelings, ignore the aches and pains in our bodies, and push ourselves beyond our limits.

When it comes to pulling it all together and feeling whole, working out at the gym is helpful but doesn’t quite do it for many of us.

We want to feel embodied.

Embodied is an experiential study group that meets weekly to explore what it means to be integrated, whole, and fully present as beings. We use tai chi chuan, qi gong, hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation to gain a better understanding our bodies, minds, spirits, and their connections.

We meet Sundays 10am-12pmET in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York.

Membership in the group is $99US/month.



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